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Alarm Systems

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Alarm Systems give best protection

Alarm Systems by LTV

Not every alarm system is the same, not even any two systems are the same:
Many alarm systems trigger a siren that is attached to the object and needs to be switched off after three minutes at the latest. Especially in commercial areas, these sirens are not heard or perceived.

Other alarm systems pass a message on to the owner most likely to a cell phone. Now, what shall the owner do with this information of its alarm system in case the owner even recognizes the alarm at all? He still needs to inform the authorities since going on his own to the property and expose yourself to the risk of hitting the criminals is not really an option now, is it?

This is why LTV alarm systems are always connected to an emergency call center that triggers a corresponding, previously agreed response after the alarm has been verified.

LTV´s alarm systems are radio controlled and battery operated. This enables installation without having to lay cables and without leaving a lot of dirt behind. Since all alarm systems are equipped with a GSM module a connection to the existing telephone network is not necessary.

The smooth functionality of the alarm system is guaranteed by our full service which leaves you with nothing to worry about bur carrying out your own business.

Alarm Systems for any requirement

Overview of LTV Product Lines

With its extensive product range, LTV offers professional and high-quality technology for every requirement and creates individual solutions for alarm systems of all kinds to be passed on to your own customers.

LTV Alarm Systems Indoor

Komplett-Alarmsysteme für die Innenraumüberwachung

LTV Alarm Systems Outdoor

Professionelle Technik für Außen- und Freilandüberwachung

LTV Full-Service – the all care free package

Full-Service for the LTV-Alarm Systems

We gurantee full service which means that you can rely on your alarm system. You don’t have to worry about anything! It´s us doing all the work: all services are included in the agreed service fee with no hidden extra costs. Guranteed!

Maintenance and repair work

Our alarm systems are radio controlled and battery operated. If your alarm system indicates a malfunction, contact us and we will send a service technician to you as soon as possible. You will not incur any personnel or material costs. This also includes the replacement of wearing parts (e.g. batteries).

Connection to a certified emergency control center

The emergency control center is operated around the clock: 24/7/365 days a year. In the event of an alarm, it verifies the alarm message received and forwards the response agreed in the alarm plan agreed with you.

Hardware updates

Of course we make sure that your alarm system is always up to date.

Unlimited guarantee including all technician assignments

During the entire time that you use our full service we will replace defective parts without extra costs – everything is already included.

Moving services

In case you move away and your alarm system has to be dismantled and installed at the new venue: this service is also free of charge. That´s LTV Europe!

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